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Worldwide Interim Leadership Group (WIL Group) is the first company to offer Interim Management solutions on a truly global scale.

The business world becoming increasingly globalised, with many companies undergoing major change and transformation. Our members address these challenges by offering seamless, multi-country Interim Management and Transition Management solutions for companies around the world. The Group is built on Collaboration, Trust and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Operating across 37 countries

Our members have unrivalled expertise and operate in 37 countries around the world. The Group comprises 19 Interim Management and Transition Management companies who are established leaders in their national markets and 85 Operational Partners – often former CEOs, business leaders or HR Directors – with the insight, knowledge and expertise to solve their clients’ global business challenges.

Our vision is to be the number one company for global Interim Managers and Transition Managers by offering a unique “international multi-sourcing” model that leverages the assets of each member firm and ensures the best talent is selected for assignments globally.

Global Talent pool

We have a talent pool of 38,500 Interim Executives ready to lead global and transnational assignments, and deliver business improvements, rapid results and change. These individuals have strong leadership skills so they can structure and lead complex projects, deliver sustainable change and create lasting value.

Our interim leaders and functional specialists can help in the following areas:

  • Increasing margins, reducing costs, raising efficiency or reducing working capital
  • Rejuvenating an underperforming company, business unit, factory or operational unction
  • Meeting investor expectations of a substantial increase in the value of the business
  • Improving results to ensure the success of an exit or IPO
  • Finding additional resources to manage or carry out the work plans at hand

How do members work together?

Collaboration is part of our DNA. We only work with members who are very well established and known to us. We share a consistent way of working, standardised business process, strong values and a commitment to delivering exceptional client services. By harnessing our experience and collective knowledge to solve our clients’ problems – we offer a diversity of thinking that ensures we find the very best solutions for clients.

Clients will approach a trusted local partner firm within WIL Group with an assignment brief. Then, depending on the nature and the location of the assignment, the local firms will introduce their trusted partner to fulfil the brief and find the best executive in the local market. Each WIL Group member complies with consistent and seamless operational standards offering clients a smooth and professional service.


WIL Group is owned by its member companies and has a management board of five executives, which will rotate on a regular basis. The current board consists of Patrick Laredo, CEO of X-PM, Thorsten Becker, CEO of Management Angels, Jason Atkinson, Managing Director, Russam GMS, Göran Johansson, Managing Director and Founding Partner of Nexus Interim Executive Solutions and Luis Lizarraga, CEO of Norgestion.

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