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How to succeed in the post-pandemic landscape

While much of Europe is still battling against Covid-19 and the challenges of lockdown, the green shoots of recovery are beginning to emerge in parts of the world. In the middle of a crisis it’s hard to think ahead with any real clarity. European businesses are still reeling from the almost-instant shift to remote working, operational streamlining and reduction of employment costs.

Management Angels, Erdwig Holste, makes statement on 'How the corona virus penetrates the market economy'

An article appeared in the daily newspaper in Germany, WELT, entitled "Time for renewal". The economist sees opportunities for renewal: "The crisis is an opportunity to question and renew unprofitable business models. At best, we are experiencing a surge of innovation, new dynamism."
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How organisations are entering Survival Mode to manage Covid-19

The world is reeling from the impact of the Coronavirus, with the threat to businesses changing on a daily basis. Yet while some businesses have already closed and others are at risk of disappearing as the crisis unfolds, others appear to be riding the wave.
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Surviving the crisis - together

In these very unusual and difficult times our primary focus must be on making sure family, friends and colleagues are safe and protected as much as possible.

Interim Leadership - Healthy and successful

WIL Group's German member, Management Angels have conducted a study into healthy and successful interim leadership.
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What can we learn from the economic impact of the Coronavirus?

According to the New York Times the Coronavirus outbreak is causing damage and disruption to multinational brands and business. What will this mean for the longer term and what can businesses learn from the phenomenon?
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Overcoming the generation gap

The dynamics at play in today’s global workforce are complex and fascinating – not least because there are now four generations working together, and sometimes five. Each generation has its own idiosyncrasies, preferences, management styles and personal goals, which can lead to misunderstandings and even conflict at work.
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Driving sustainability in business for 2020

One of the big shifts in 2019 was mass acceptance of the climate emergency. Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion and the revered David Attenborough have all played a role in engaging the public in recognising that we must change our behaviour to protect the planet.
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Digital Transformation – what follows?

Businesses all over the globe have digital transformation built into their short-term strategies. Whether they are striving to uncover new digital revenue streams, to drive efficiencies or fight off the competition, digitalisation is a fundamental requirement.

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