The Situation

The Client had multiple challenges. Their editors found it difficult to administer their websites and the news and information were not easily migrated across the same language sites around the world. Each article had to be copied to each website, leading to a significant productivity loss.

The websites were also very slow, leading to high advertising revenue loss.

There had been a 40% drop in traffic in the 6 months prior to engaging with the WIL Group. Also, documentation was almost non‐existent.

The Solution

The WIL Group provided a Global CTO to take over the code and re‐engineer it to address the key issues. The CTO set up a team in India within a month and was able to take over the global IT operations. The CTO and his new team redesigned the websites and re‐ wrote major modules.

The Result

The Client was able to increase traffic by 10% per month and achieved a 40% increase in revenue by the end of the engagement.

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