The Situation

Following a strategic planning process, a US software company decided to grow its business by entering the Indian market. The Client contacted the WIL Group to execute this growth strategy.

The key challenges were:

1. To gain an advantage in the Indian market, they had to move as fast as possible.

2. They needed to minimize cost and risk.

3. They needed to deploy a manager with the right interpersonal skills, knowledge and understanding of the sales process and local culture.

The Solution

The WIL Group proposed the creation of a virtual sales office for the Client in India. In the eyes of local pharmaceutical companies, the client would have a physical presence in India overnight, without having to create or acquire a legal entity.

The WIL Group provided an experienced Indian business development manager for the Client with knowledge of the Indian market.

The Result

The new manager deployed by the WIL Group quickly formulated, organized and executed a sales plan.

Within twelve months, the Client signed up three new Indian customers, who collectively accounted for over 5% of the Client’s global revenues.

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