PRESS RELEASE - New Chairperson announced for Worldwide Interim Leadership Group.

Jason Atkinson, Managing Director of leading UK Interim Management provider Russam, is appointed the new Chair.

The interim and transition management industry is experiencing unprecedented changes and growth driven by consolidation and Private Equity investment.

  • The Interim Management industry both in Europe and worldwide is booming – INIMA reports a 13% increase in utilisation in Europe.
  • WIL Group revenues are forecasted to grow at 21% in 2023 over 2022 and reach $95m.
  • Organisations look to Interim Managers as an agile and swift resourcing solution to unlock value and tackle serious business challenges such as restructuring, turnaround projects and performance improvement.
  • WIL Group, established in 2014, is the global leader in premium interim management solutions, focussing on both quality and the most comprehensive geographic coverage.

Today the WIL Group announces the appointment of Jason Atkinson as the new Chair. This strategic leadership transition follows the departure of Thorsten Becker, Founder of Management Angels.

Jason is currently Managing Director of Russam - the UK’s longest-established Interim Management provider - and a founding member of WIL Group. He brings a wealth of experience spanning Private Equity, Financial Services, Retail, Marketing and Communications, and Board level appointments. Notably, Jason has held influential positions, including Chair of the Interim Management Association (IMA) and for nearly 20 years he has been seen as a leading voice in the UK Interim Management sector.

Jason expresses his commitment to guiding the WIL Group toward unprecedented success and innovation, emphasising the goal of becoming the No. 1 for quality and geographic coverage.

“Market dynamics are evolving, with customers' needs becoming more complex and demanding. Jason compares WIL Group to the airline "Star Alliance", highlighting its connectivity and ability to deliver on projects globally.

I am honoured to assume the role of Chair at WIL Group. Our recent conference in Stockholm highlighted our commitment to growth, reflecting our evolution from a small network in 2014 to a dynamic international group today approaching $100 million turnover. As we move forward, my commitment is to guide WIL Group toward unprecedented success and innovation. I look forward to contributing to WIL Group's continued growth and building on the foundations laid by Thorsten Becker and Patrick Laredo. Finally, I also look forward to partnering with our new Executive Director Karlygash Abiyeva."

Jason also commented on the changing dynamics in the market.

“Our customer's needs are more and more complex, pressing, and demanding, and rarely carried out within a single jurisdiction. Often, they want one of our Interim Managers to travel to the far corners of the world and do it within hours of contacting us with the assignment. The WIL partners bring their expertise together with their deep local knowledge and quality talent pools to deliver on a specific project.”.



The WIL Group is a global collaboration of ten leading interim and transitional management companies across 37 countries. We've come together to form a powerhouse, delivering unparalleled global interim and transitional management solutions.

Our Vision and Approach:

At WIL Group, our vision is clear – to be the foremost company for global interim, transition, and transformation managers. We've embraced a unique "international multi-sourcing" model, harnessing the strengths of each member firm to ensure the selection of the best talent for global assignments.

Our Services:

Explore our comprehensive global services designed to meet your diverse needs:

➤ Performance Improvement & Digital Transformation

➤ Restructuring & Turnaround

➤ Private Equity & Integration of Acquisition

➤ International Deployment & Program Management

Values and Business Code of Conduct:

Our commitment to excellence is anchored in our core values and reflected in our Code of Conduct:

Client Dedication: We meticulously define each assignment, utilising our full resources to find optimal solutions. Regular meetings with clients and Interim Leaders foster a culture of continuous improvement and shared knowledge.

Ethical Practices: Clients' interests are paramount. We adhere to local laws, and business ethics, and uphold confidentiality, ensuring a professional and respectful communication approach.

Teamwork: Collaboration is at our core. We support one another, avoid short-term gains at the expense of clients or the group, and adhere to decisions and rules. Honesty, transparency, and conflict avoidance are our guiding principles.

Recognition of Partners: We build a diverse and talented group, selecting Interim Leaders and experts based on merit. We value our partners' contributions as much as we value our clients.

Join Us in Shaping the Future:

At WIL Group, we're not just transforming interim and transitional management; we're shaping the future of global business solutions. Explore the power of collaboration, ethical practices, and client-focused innovation with us.

For more information, please contact: Karlygash Abiyeva.



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