Mandaat Top Management has become part of JBR Interim Executives w.e.f October 1, 2020. Both companies are well-known players in the interim market in The Netherlands.

JBR Interim Executives primarily focuses on CEO positions, whereas Mandaat is very strong in deploying interim CFOs and other top functional
management resources, both at home and overseas. The merger of JBR and Mandaat creates a strong combination, ensuring high quality
and diversity of services to their clients.

The company name Mandaat will continue to exist. For Mandaat, a merger with JBR means a reinforcement of its business continuity. Mandaat will continue to parachute interim managers to interesting assignments at home and abroad. Diederik van den Biggelaar wants the name Mandaat to continue: “I promised myself an adventure in the mountains in the coming year, but will stay in close touch with Mandaat. After 11 years as co-owner, I still feel responsible. Janco Duvekot, my business partner will remain Mandaat’s primary point of contact, supported by a strong backup team consisting of JBR executives”.

For JBR Interim Executives this new arrangement is an extension of its interim activities as it provides a great access to the international network of the WIL (Worldwide Interim Leadership) Group, of which Mandaat is a part of. Harm Tunteler of JBR Interim executives: “In addition to JBR Interim Executives, where we have a permanent team of interim CEOs, there is an increasing demand for interim CFOs. After joining hands with Mandaat, we are now able to provide our customers with interim CFOs and other top level interim functional directors. This makes JBR a complete partner for filling-up interim management positions.”

JBR Interim Executives currently has a permanent team of eight experienced interim CEOs that are highly supportive of each other. Upon request, the team can also easily receive advice from the consultants of JBR consultancy, in the fields of strategy, corporate finance (M&A) and financing and restructuring.

Mandaat has a large database of not only interim CFOs, but also interim-directors in the fields of sales, marketing, production, logistics and HR. They run projects related to crisis management, transformation processes, project management, and also provide high performing interim resources as temporary replacements to their clients.

The activities will be continuing to operate under the name Mandaat. Diederik van den Biggelaar and Janco Duvekot will remain active as associated partners of Mandaat in order to ensure guaranteed continuity for their clients.

Janco Duvekot: “With JBR, Mandaat has found a powerful partner
guaranteeing continuity of our 20 years of high quality service to
our clients. Also, this is good news for our talent pool of interim managers, who would certainly be excited in landing interesting assignments with Mandaat, both at home and abroad”.

The current office and visiting address of Mandate will change to that of the JBR office located in Zeist. Also, a new Managing Partner is expected to be appointed at Mandaat, later this year.

For more information, please contact:
Harm Tunteler - Managing Director JBR Interim Executives
+31 (0) 622 986 385


Whatever the situation and whatever the operating conditions, Mandaat interim-management is always focused on solutions and results. There is no "one size fits all" approach. Mandate provides "customization". Each

Mandaat client therefore receives the personal attention of a Mandaat
partner. Whether it concerns crisis management, transformation processes, project management or temporary replacement.
Mandaat has several years of experience with successful interim assignments in SMEs, family businesses, mid-corporates and even multinationals.

JBR Interim Executives
JBR Interim Executives currently has a permanent team of eight experienced interim CEOs. The team supports each other through shadow management and knowledge sharing. And if needed they can make use of the knowledge and expertise of the corporate finance consultants of JBR. An interim CEO of JBR implements strategic changes, accelerates growth, improves the organization and processes and strengthens continuity.
JBR Interim Executives drives a necessary changes and also brings about peace and stability to the organization. He /she sets priorities and mobilizes all forces to get the company back on track within 1 year.

JBR consultancy
‘Analytical thinking while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.’
JBR is an independent consultancy with a tradition of more than 35 years in the field of strategic issues, corporate finance (M&A), financing and restructuring advice and interim management.



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