François Beaugrand on ETI Radio: How X-PM is establishing itself as the world reference in transition management

Born in the 1970s in the Netherlands, Transition Management is a concept quickly taken up in England and Germany. Arriving later in France, it is today a booming market which records 10 to 20% annual growth. It is in this context that X-PM has established itself as the world leader in Transition Management.

In an interview on ETI Radio, François Beaugrand, President of X-PM, details the keys to X-PM's success and discusses what makes it unique.

What are the levers of X-PM’s success?

In recent years, Interim Management has become a wise choice for enhancing your career and offering your expertise. It is with this in mind that each year more than 2,000 managers join X-PM and ensure the success of business transformation projects .

With nearly 600 requests for premium missions per year, senior managers are placed at the heart of organizations to support them in carrying out their strategic projects.

The key to achieving the set objectives lies in the selection of Managers chosen by X-PM Associates, themselves former managers with proven sectoral and operational expertise.

An experience that allows them to understand customer issues more subtly and to choose the right Manager to respond to them. It is this Associate Director/Transition Manager pairing that allows X-PM to guarantee the fulfillment of the commitments made to customers, what we call Augmented Transition Management by X-PM.

“  The result is, for us, the primary commitment we make to the customer. We want to carry out its transformation to the end and obtain the results to which we have committed . »

François Beaugrand – President of X-PM

The influence of current events on X-PM

The challenges of tomorrow are structuring business transformations. Current events play a determining role in understanding the new challenges that guide business ambitions. X-PM is there to secure their objectives.

For example :

  • X-PM operates in France on multiple Supply Chain topics. Indeed, today, the energy crisis is forcing companies to manage issues of supplying materials or controlling energy costs. X-PM answers questions about setting up an energy purchasing policy, regularizing the supply chain, finding new sources of equipment, etc.
  • X-PM also operates internationally . During COVID, X-PM allowed Western companies to set up managerial projection within their production sites in China to maintain visibility on their activities despite the travel constraint.

This versatility, both in terms of expertise and geography, positions X-PM as a world reference in Transition Management capable of carrying out large-scale structuring projects. And to continue to fuel its ambition, X-PM has joined the Alixio group with the aim of creating new synergies with the group's other entities by offering them its particular approach of excellence.



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