2024ce: sailing through professional and personal waters full force

Alexander De Beir, Managing Director of WIL Group member firm ADM Interim Management, shares an insightful piece as we step into the transformative realm of 2024. In his exploration of the concept coined as "20-twenty force" or 2024ce, De Beir encapsulates the essence of navigating professional and personal journeys with purpose and resilience, drawing parallels to the dynamic world of interim management.

2024ce: sailing through professional and personal waters full force

"As we embark on the voyage into the year 2024, there’s a neologism making waves:  20-twenty force or 2024ce, a term that encapsulates the essence of not just going through the motions but harnessing the power of the wind in our sails, both professionally and personally. It’s a call to embrace the full force of our potential while embodying resilience, much like a sailing boat navigating turbulent seas.

In the area of career and professional growth, the concept of 2024ce invites us to set sail with purpose and vigour. Imagine a sailing boat catching the wind in its sails, propelling forward with force. This is the metaphor for approaching our professional lives in the coming year—using the energy around us to propel our careers forward. It’s about recognizing opportunities, leveraging strengths, and embracing challenges with a determination that borders on unstoppable, much like the resilience demonstrated by interim managers.

Interim managers, akin to skilled sailors, navigate uncharted waters by embracing new challenges with each assignment. In the dynamic world of interim management, success hinges on the ability to quickly adapt to different corporate landscapes, recognizing the winds of change and adjusting the sails accordingly. Their role demands not only seizing opportunities but also leveraging their strengths to provide immediate and effective solutions, embodying the essence of the 2024ce.

However, the beauty of 2024ce lies not just in its “forward momentum” but in its metaphorical connection to the mast of a sailing boat. A mast, despite its towering strength, is also flexible. It bends with the wind, adapting to the changing currents and pressures. In the same vein, being professionally forceful in 2024 requires a certain suppleness. It’s about being adaptable in the face of challenges, knowing when to adjust our course, and understanding that resilience often comes from the ability to bend without breaking.

An interim manager, placed in diverse corporate environments, exemplifies this adaptability. The ability to navigate various company cultures, understand and respond to different personalities, and integrate into new teams showcases the pliability inherent in interim management. It’s not just about adhering to a single course but adjusting the sails to suit the ever-changing winds of different organizational structures.

As the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus wisely noted, “Change is the only constant in life.” This sentiment perfectly aligns with the philosophy embedded in 2024ce. To be truly forceful in our pursuits, we must embrace change with open arms, recognizing that flexibility is not a sign of weakness but a testament to (y)our strength.

In the words of Lao Tzu, “Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield.” The 2024ce beckons us to be like water: flexible, yet powerful; yielding, yet unyielding, in our pursuit of excellence. It’s about finding the delicate balance between strength and adaptability, much like the delicate interplay between the wind and the sail of a boat navigating the vast sea of possibilities.

As we set sail into the uncharted waters of 2024, let us carry the 20-twenty force with us. Let us be like the sailing boat. Adopting the power of the wind with steadfast force and adapting to the ebb and flow of life with courage. In the words of Seneca, “It’s not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste much of it”… In 2024, with 2024ce, let’s make every moment count, navigating the seas of 2024 with strength, purpose, and the adaptivity to embrace the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead!

Resilience, according to the IT and networking world leader Cisco, describes an organization’s ability to respond and adapt quickly to disruptions or significant, unplanned changes that could threaten its operations, people, assets, brand or reputation. Both terms, therefore, point out the (will)power to resist and adapt simultaneously to a changing and sometimes hostile environment."



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