The Situation

The customer is a large European logistics service provider which operates in more than 140 countries. It is 100% PE owned.

While the company was growing through acquisitions in many countries, working methods had hardly evolved to adapt to the changing environment and profitability dropped.

An extensive program aiming at radically changing some fundamental processes was launched. Specifically, the objective was to implement cross-cutting actions between countries instead of trying to optimise the results of each country.

The Solution

The Interim Manager role was primarily to help country managers and major segment of business leaders to identify concrete actions to improve performance. These actions focused on operational processes designed and deployed internationally (instead of locally) to make the company offer more attractive and to increase revenues.

Also set up shared service centres in a European country where labour costs are lower, creation of a Group Purchasing team, and overhauling the core system and developing digital technologies to improve CS.

The Result

The X-PM Interim Manager was so successful that he was hired as CRO and Group HR Director, member of the Executive Committee, a few months after he started the mission. He concluded that new financing was required.

This success enabled WIL Group to be selected for two other missions necessary to continue the transformation of the company: management of the Information Systems for 18 months and of the Purchasing Group for one year.

Multi-Country Solution - Leveraging resources from:

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