Why interim management might be right for you

Once a senior manager has a few years of experience under their belt, their attention turns to the next step of their career.

Some choose to pursue the next level of leadership, perhaps becoming a more senior director – either with their current employer or elsewhere.

Others choose a complete change: many businesspeople today are retraining in their 30s and 40s to pursue an entirely new career path.

A third option – interim management – builds on a person’s management expertise while bringing new challenges, fresh opportunities and, often, attractive pay. It’s an appealing prospect for many – could it be right for you?

What makes a good interim manager?

Interim work is not for the fainthearted. There are a number of characteristics and skills that are important in pursuing this line of work. Let’s explore the qualities that would make you a strong interim…

1. You have key skills

A good interim is clear about what they have to offer a business. Change management and project management experience is very valuable. Or you might have a professional skill set that is in demand. Our most recent Global Survey found that skills most in demand are general management and financial leadership, following by programme management, business development and change management.

Professional disciplines included HR, IT, Operations, Marketing & PR and Supply Chain Management.

2. You perform well under pressure

Expectations are high for interims. They are paid well to deliver tangible results, fast. Clients often bring in interims during tough situations, and the leadership team will expect you to rise to the challenge.

3. You’re financially secure

One of the reasons interims earn more than full time employees is that their employment is unpredictable. You need to be in a position where a gap between jobs wouldn’t cause too much financial pain.

4. You interview well

Delivering a strong interview is key in this competitive environment. You need to sell your skills quickly and confidently. Often a single, brief interview will land you the job – but you may be up against other highly qualified individuals.

5. You can travel

Accessing the most exciting and interesting challenges often requires an appetite to work overseas, or at least in a different part of the UK. You’ll have access to more roles and greater variety in your work if you’re prepared to live out of a suitcase when needed.

6. You’re good at building relationships

On joining a new team, you’ll need to win friends and influence people quickly. Do you have good rapport with senior leaders? Can you get the team that’s working for you to share your vision and drive results? As an interim, your success will depend on gaining the support of the people around you.

If these points resonate with you, there’s a strong chance that you’d make a great interim. It’s highly rewarding and rarely dull, and you’ll drive real impact and results.

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