Strong business leadership = Success

Businesses cannot survive without strong leaders
Striving for success is what drives many of us forward, and as individuals we have our own varying definitions of what success means.

Strong leaders are able to unite people’s drive and energy for personal success and direct it towards constructing a great vision.

A business cannot succeed without a strong leader. Antony Perillo, Group Director at Clarks, asserts this viewpoint: "The leadership is essential. If you get the right leader, you get the right vision. If you get the right vision, you attract the right people...It’s all linked." 

We understand that leaders must analyse and understand the needs of their organisation in order to work towards achieving their goals. They are able to direct their organisation towards a singular vision which supports all those involved; employees, shareholders, and customers, as well as building a legacy for the company. What is it that makes someone capable of bringing people together and creating such strength of belief? Joanne Spick, CEO, Van Der Weil Group, comments:

"We have a responsibility to the people, the environment, all the suppliers. If we manage it properly we have to make sure that we are leaving a legacy for them to take forwards."

Leaders must have confidence in the goal and confidence in themselves. Antony Perillo adds: "First and foremost the ownership must reside with the leader." 

Building, in any form, requires strong foundations and the foundation of a strong business leader is confidence. 

However, true leaders are able to recognise the talents of those around them in order to grow an organisation. They trust and delegate to others to make the best use of time and financial resources. A business cannot grow without new ideas. Effective delegation means individuals must have the security in themselves to ensure people are placed in roles in which they can challenge and create. 

Effective managers are perceptive and realise that listening and observing are vital attributes. They observe and connect with their employees, their customers, and with their surroundings in order to respond and take action - forever striving to meet the targets they set. 

In large companies this communication must be broken into parts, with the first step being relaying their goals to a senior team. As Antony Perillo explains:

"The leader has to be able to communicate on three basic levels with the organisation.  Most importantly their immediate senior team. They must be able to convey a realistic vision of what the future looks like... They need to be able to communicate with them emotionally so that they will come along on the journey willingly. They also need to able to put forward what the world looks like if you don't do it." 

In the face of rapid globalisation, today's business leaders are confronted with new challenges. However, new challenges bring greater opportunities, and the transformation of the business world means we are able to share our methods of success like never before. On an unparalleled scale, the strong business leaders of our time are able to apply, share and communicate the skills they possess across the globe.

Trevor Davis, CEO Life and Pensions, Admin Re, adds:

"Whenever you go into a leadership role, it is about setting targets.  It's about putting a plan into place and achieving the goals off the back of that... The path is never straight… If you put the right plans into place with the right people and you work out things that make a small difference then you will achieve unbelievably good results."



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