Interview with Ricky l. Stewart at Management Angels on The WIL Group Central Eastern Europe office

I have been with Management Angels for more than two years, and in July 2015 I was asked to take on the Ambassador role for the WIL Group. This year I was asked to take the same role also for GroNova in Switzerland making me responsible for the entire MAGNALIA Group.

I am passionate about the group, it’s a real USP for many of us and presents an international footprint and opportunities for us all. Within Management Angels, we use our best endeavours to encourage our partners to really progress international work. Internationalisation is everything these days.

Over the last couple of months, I have been tasked to manage and promote the Eastern Europe desk for the WIL Group – a region where ‘interim’ is a relatively new phenomenon. To date, and following extensive research, we have concentrated our efforts on Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria.

We are seeing quite a lot of activity in the Czech Republic, with a number of high profile projects coming through from French companies. However, the type of work is more around regular projects as opposed to business transformation and business is – generally – driven by investor companies who already have a strong foothold in Europe. These are interesting times.

The reasons for ‘doing business’ in each country are varied, depending on factors such as the levels of employment and the political situation.

We are ready to promote the WIL Group Central Eastern Europe desk, so if you have customers who are considering activity in this region, then we can help. We have strong touch points and contacts in most of the countries already, and continue to grow these relationships.

We are now in the process of  trying to set up further partnerships, and are currently liaising with the Chamber of Commerce in Romania.

Our next stop is Poland, where we hope to widen our overall network – we’ll keep you posted on our progress…

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