How the WIL Group can help with private equity services (acquisition, leveraging value, exit or IPO)

In many respects, working for a private equity-backed company can be one of the most exciting environments to be in. Private companies often move at a faster pace, diversify more rapidly and are able to move in new directions quickly.

At the same time, you can sometimes end up in new territory, needing to deliver in areas where you may not have prior experience.

A typical example is a sudden business change such as an acquisition, the exit from a certain market or a financial change such as an IPO. Being asked to lead or deliver such a project creates significant stress and demands on resource.

Fortunately, the WIL Group is in the perfect position to help. These situations are almost daily occurrences across our broad client base, and we have partners all around the globe that consistently trust us to deliver the experience and expertise that they need – fast.

Here are some examples of how we can help.


We manage a vast network of experienced people that are experienced in acquiring businesses in every sector and every market. From assessing the current and future value of a potential acquisition to overseeing the successful integration of the new company, we have the right consultant for your business.

Leveraging value

You may be tasked with creating more value from your existing portfolio. This can take many forms – from streamlining operations to reduce costs and increase profits, to selling buildings or assets to release equity.

Deciding the best strategy to achieve this can require experienced and strategic thinkers. Many businesses seek to hire in this kind of talent, to bring an objective viewpoint and present the most viable options.

WIL Group has a wealth of candidates to support you with this, as a result of our international network covering every market and business sector.

Managing exit

Many organisations spend years gearing up to exit at the top of the market. Whether you are selling to investors or to another company, it’s essential to demonstrate the true value of your business.

Our experts have vast experience in preparing a business for sale. Accessing their past learnings can unearth essential advantages in delivering the best exit possible.


The demands of readying a business for IPO can be overwhelming. Every division of the business will likely experience some aspect of the preparations , but the major pressures are on the financial and governance functions.

Harnessing the knowledge of executives that have successfully negotiated the process can be of enormous benefit. WIL Group’s connections can help ensure that no stone is left unturned in ensuring IPO readiness on time, on target.

Proven advantage

The demand for interim executives has been on an upward trajectory for many years, with no signs of slowing. It’s no surprise, once you understand the value that experienced leaders can add to a crucial business process. Not only are interim professionals well equipped to tackle all manners of business challenge, they can be deployed at very short notice – often in the same week that the need is identified.

For more insight into how an interim can benefit your corporate initiative, contact us today.



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