First scientific research paper on leadership and change management – read the findings here

Erdwig Holste, who is a senior consultant at Management Angels GmbH, has conducted the first scientific research on leadership and change management requirements as well as Interim Managers’ capabilities in this regard – “Interim Leadership Success“ study.

The study’s diagnostic findings were established in cooperation with the Helmut Schmidt University and AIMP (Arbeitskreis Interim Management Provider). It is the first of its kind throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Management Angels GmbH is a member and co- founder of WIL Group, the WIL Group is a collaboration of experienced, global industry consultants who believe in looking at business differently. They are at the forefront of transition and change management, global business needs and successful partnerships.

The following results were established within the research:

  • Interim Management is an established and accepted tool throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Companies of all branches and sizes resort to the employment of Interim Managers in various project situations. 55% of the questioned participants deploy Interim Managers on a regular basis.
  • Most clients are satisfied with their Interim Managers’ performances. 72% of the decision makers consider the managers to have been good/very good – despite the often difficult starting positions. The managers’ output has proven to be even better, if a provider was delegated with the selection of these managers.
  • Due to 56% of the questioned corporate representatives, Interim Managers have a particular strength concerning change management projects, as opposed to executives in permanent placement. Only 15% are convinced that permanent executives are at an advantage when it comes to change management.
  • High satisfaction with Interim Management intermediaries. The quality of collaboration with highly specialized recruitment consulting agencies is rated with a good/very good. 1/3 of the companies obtain their Interim Managers via personnel consultancies (between 75-100%).
  • Short onboarding periods have an increased importance. The more flexible companies are, the more important a swift integration of new executive managers seems to be. 2/3 of the questioned participants expect permanently placed managers to build up a relationship of trust within six months.
  • There are particularily high leadership expectations. Decision makers have exceptionally high expectations towards Interim Managers when it comes to leadership issues and experience in functional and personal areas. 67% of those surveyed, believe that on this basis executives are able to motivate their employees to reach peak performance. Only a share of 9% believe this to be difficult or even inconceivable.
  • The labor market is changing, the flexibility increasing. 90% of those surveyed are convinced that the employment market will be far more flexible in 2030 than it is today, which is partially due to new forms of employment. This can be conveyed to the Interim Management sector, in which 75% of the participants are expecting further market growth.

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