Different countries have different customs companies’ expansions abroad require excellent consultants

The institution for economic research has verified that more than one third of German medium-sized businesses have already become active abroad, while additional 20 percent are planning on doing so. During this process, it is essential for medium-sized businesses to be supported by experienced professionals.

External expertise is especially crucial at executive level. This precisely is an Interim Manager’s field of work. A suitable executive manager is able to help overcome not only linguistic barriers, but also legal frameworks. Such commuters usually do not need elaborate training periods. On the contrary, they proceed quickly, and exit the company as soon as the project is completed. More often than not, this is a preferred option as opposed to sending one’s own sales or production manager to a foreign country. The manager may have difficulties adapting, hence resulting in disorientation in the foreign market system.

Those who do not wish to search for a suitable candidate via internet, may make use of an international collaboration of 15 intermediaries, which was founded six months ago. Usually the client is assigned one contact person who is responsible for their mandate. This correspondent is able to consult more than 70 colleagues in Italy, France, Great Britain and China, who for their part have got access to 30,000 qualified executives worldwide. Thorsten Becker is CEO of Management Angels GmbH in Hamburg, which is a German member of WIL Group (Worldwide Interim Management & Leadership). He states that “this way, also more demanding leadership positions can be filled quickly and more efficiently”.

The topmost criteria when searching for a manager are knowledge about national characteristics, workplace culture and industry know-how. In February alone, WIL Group registered more than a dozen inquiries, which were processed by various partners, depending on the company’s location and its detailed requirements. In the course of the last six months, the Management Angels obtained three international projects via WIL group as well. One considerable advantage of the collaboration is the following: The providers are well aware of the prices. While in Germany the daily rate amounts to approximately 1,000 Euros, in other countries the average rate lies between 600 and 700 Euros. During the negotiations, the provider always functions as the “client’s attorney”, says Becker. This is a definite money saver for the client. “For small and medium-sized companies an Interim Manager deployed abroad is simultaneously an advisor and a door opener”, Becker summarizes. In addition, a medium-sized business can learn a great deal from its advisor’s skills: “This kind of collaboration results in an invaluable know-how transfer”.

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Easter, 4./5./6. April 2015

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