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Founded in April 2013, BCV & Partners specialises in Transition Management and Interim Management solutions at board and senior management level across Belgium and the Netherlands.

Within its database of Interim Managers, it has experienced people with the skills and experience to handle operational start-ups or fast growing companies. They can manage a turnaround, crisis or restructuring project and the company also delivers experienced project managers and change managers.

When customers are confronted with M&A situations, they can count on BCV & Partners to provide them with cost effective management solutions.

The company covers Belgium and the Netherlands from its headquarters in Brussels. However, its clients operate internationally so the company also works on projects around the world.

Case Study - BCV & Partners

BCV & Partners was introduced to a Dutch subsidiary of a Nordic company in the medical devices industry through the international client network of X-PM.

Given important market changes in this sector, the company was confronted with severe pressure on their prices. To face this, the Procurement Director decided to set up a “war room” in their Dutch subsidiary in order to determine which actions could be set up form a purchasing point of view. The objectives were to identify cost savings and to act upon afterwards.

Given the lack of procurement maturity within the company, BCV & Partners was asked to present them an experienced purchase manager in order to coordinate the different initiatives.

The Interim Manager got involved in this project and managed to obtain important cost savings by re-negotiating the conditions with several important part manufacturers. He also proposed and implemented new procedures to enhance the efficiency of the procurement department in the future.
<p>Adriaan Bruijs</p>

Adriaan Bruijs

Date founded:

30th April 2013

No. of employees:


Adriaan Bruijs was a managing partner at KPMG Consulting in Belgium until 1999, following a six year stint with PWC Consulting.

Since 2005 he has worked as an independent crisis and change manager on several international projects, before co-founding BCV & Partners in 2013. He has a vast amount of international experience, having worked in the following countries outside Belgium, Germany (4yrs), the Netherlands (3yrs), USA (1yr) and China (4yrs).

His main areas of expertise include crisis management, restructuring and change management.

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Provided a CFO…’on demand’ during in these very challenging times
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Shutting down a factory of a major US Manufacturer
Link to Shutting down a factory of a major US MNC
Shutting down a factory of a major US MNC
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